Embracing the Timeless Trend of Quiet Luxury in Fashion

This elegant and neutral aesthetic has entered the scene in 2023.

Photo by Ellie Ellien

In the fast-paced world of fashion, trends can come and go with lightning speed. There is a growing movement that celebrates a more understated and refined approach to style, however, and it has been called Quiet Luxury. This “trend” which has been around “quietly” now for a couple of seasons, but feels especially right for Fall. It focuses on well-made investment pieces and high-quality craftsmanship, emphasizing an approach that values intention and thoughtfulness in building collections and appreciating design. We use quotes around the word trend because the main idea behind this style is its timelessness and not a ‘one hit wonder’ as so many ideas have come from the runway to the street so quickly that they are forgotten……not good investments!

I am such a personal fan of this trend as it is how I have always loved to dress. Since the popularity of this idea came to be, the one design house that nailed it, as that is always who they have been, is The Row! The Olsen sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley started this collection 17 years ago and are the epitome of this look. I realize that everyone cannot or do not choose to pay their prices, but it is the ultimate example of this idea that is now being offered at different levels. I have chosen a quote from an excellent call-out in VogueUK from Net-a-Porter’s Libby Page…..please read the quote below!

There are specific design houses that do it best…….

“The Row are the epitome of understated and timeless elegance, they make simple wardrobe foundations feel luxurious and unique. Every season I am in awe of this brand and how true it stays to its DNA,” explains Libby Page, market director at Net-a-Porter. “The Row is one of my top destinations for a trans-seasonal wardrobe, with impeccable detailing, quality and craftsmanship they have set the benchmark for quiet luxury dressing. They excel at intelligent dressing for intelligent women of all ages

The concept has gained significant interest with a notable increase in Google searches, partly attributed to the influence of the TV series “Succession,” and which sparked a trend of ‘old-money style’ and ‘old-money aesthetic’ on social media platforms like TikTok. Keep reading to discover the simplicity, elegance that is the world of quiet luxury, why it’s becoming increasingly popular in today’s fashion, and how you can incorporate this trend into your personal wardrobe.

See some inspirational images below that capture the aesthetic of Quiet Luxury plus below each inspirational example you can click on each style for purchasing information

Quiet Luxury Embraces a “Pieces” Mindset

Quiet luxury goes beyond just aesthetics. Embodying a mindset of investing in pieces that hold meaning and value for years to come, this approach embraces a practical style. This approach emphasizes the timeless appeal of essentials like elegant tops and blouses. Contrary to fast fashion, quiet luxury encourages us to build a curated wardrobe filled with high-quality, versatile pieces that will last a lifetime. To build on the look, I would suggest that you can buy pieces that you can work into items in your closet and/or purchases at all price points as you begin to collect your Fall wardrobe. Shop some classic, elegant tops and blouses below.

SHOP THESE PRODUCTS: Rails Cardigan ($248, Revolve), (Neiman Marcus), AGOLDE Long-Sleeve T-Shirt ($88, Saks Fifth Avenue), Theory Long-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt ($85, Neiman Marcus), Vince Cap-Sleeve Silk Blouse ($345, Saks Fifth Avenue) ASTR the Label Sweater ($94, Revolve) Photo Credit: Retailers

Celebrating the Simple Things in Life

In the midst of an increasingly hectic world, quiet luxury offers a sense of calm and tranquility in fashion choices. With its muted colors, monochromatic palettes, and focus on well-fitted and flattering clothing, the trend appeals to those seeking an effortless yet intentional look. Skirts and pants are obviously a wardrobe staple, and if you’re feeling the classic elegance of quiet luxury this season, be sure to thoughtfully select these foundational pieces. Shop some of these skirts and pants below.

SHOP THESE PIECES: Levi’s Ribcage Full Length Jeans ($98, Revolve), St. Agni Wrap Midi Skirt ($290, Moda Operandi), Polo Ralph Lauren Pants ($298, Saks Fifth Avenue), Akris punto Belted Denim Midi Skirt ($595, Saks Fifth Avenue), Favorite Daughter The “Favorite” Pant ($218, Revolve), Pistola Midi Skirt ($158, Pistola Denim), FRAME High Waist Linen Cargo Pants ($428, Nordstrom) Photo Credit: Retailers

From Your Head to Your Toes

Every aspect of your OOTD (Outfit of the Day) can embrace this classic and elegant aesthetic, so don’t forget your shoes and accessories. Whether it’s a pair of well-crafted leather shoes or a set of tastefully understated earrings, each component should contribute to the overall sense of enduring style, ensuring that your entire ensemble exudes a sense of understated luxury and sophistication.

SHOP THESE PIECES: Vince Pia Wedge Sandals ($325, Saks Fifth Avenue), Brandblack Sneakers ($92 on sale, Saks Fifth Avenue), Gianvito Rossi Platform Clog ($945, Nordstrom), Ron White Nova Sneaker ($395, Nordstrom), Schutz Mikki Up Boot ($238, Revolve), Dolce Vita Fynn Boot ($200, Nordstrom), Sam Edelman Sylvia Boot ($200, Nordstrom), Free People Tabby Tall Boots ($278, Free People) Photo Credit: Retailers
SHOP THESE PIECES: Top RowBaubleBar Stretch Bracelets ($58, Neiman Marcus), rag & bone Ventura Belt ($250, Shopbop), Madewell Cut Out Tote ($198, Shopbop), Mignonne Gavigan Hoop Earrings ($85, Neiman Marcus), Cashmere Scarf ($155, Nordstrom), Chloe Long Wallet ($690, Neiman Marcus) Bottom RowBaubleBar Evie Collar Necklace ($42, Nordstrom), Kenneth Jay Lane Hoop Earrings ($45, Neiman Marcus), Van Palma Vantis Hat ($278, Revolve), Hat Attack Daily Crossbody ($110, Shopbop), Eugenia Kim Blaine Hat ($295, Revolve), Sofia Lightweight Cashmere Scarf ($250, Neiman Marcus)

Quiet Luxury Extends Beyond Fashion

While quiet luxury is primarily associated with fashion, it is also making its mark in the world of interior design. The trend emphasizes subtle, high-quality, and sustainable elements to create calm and inviting spaces. Focusing on well-crafted and minimalist design, this trend providing a serene retreat for serenity, contemplation, and restoration. Below is some interior design inspiration that embraces the quiet luxury aesthetic.

The appeal of quiet luxury lies in its enduring simplicity and the ability to make a statement through subtle elegance. As this trend gains traction, it reflects a shift towards a more mindful and discerning approach to fashion consumption – one that values quality, craftsmanship, and a sense of serenity in everyday style.

2 thoughts on “Embracing the Timeless Trend of Quiet Luxury in Fashion

  1. This is one of your best ever commentaries on the modern approach to style. Americans have yet to embrace the fundamental appreciation of the meaning of style. It is often confused with selection of trendy items for a season rather than timeless pieces. Interestingly, the pandemic resulted in a style search in our closet to identify fashion selections that stood the test of time. There was more time to watch old movies and new television episodes an earlier decade which awakened the realization that the women and the designers, created an elegant American style that rivaled that of the French or Europeans.
    I saw women of all financial means in beautifully tailored jackets, suits and slacks. The dresses were elegantly draped around the body but the reveal was left to the imagination. It was the look and the walk of the woman that resonated the she was wearing that dress, the dress was not wearing her.
    Clearly, I belong to a different generation that defines elegance and style differently from today’s young women.
    I am not sure about this but the current interest in ancestry may be the real influencer.
    I pulled out a picture of a relative taken on the late 1800’s.
    Her dress was very simple and there was minimal jewelry but the look on her face in that dress was so elegant. That style has lived beyond the orange hot pants or the hip lock look of today . The future holds the answer.

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