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Eating for a Healthy Ticker

Catherine Kruppa, MS, RD, CSSD, LD Tells Us How to Focus on Heart Healthy Eating As We Celebrate Heart Month


Cardiovascular disease and related conditions, including stroke and heart attacks, cause 40 percent of American deaths.  This is more than all cancers combined. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are two of the most effective things you can do to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.  Here are a few things you can add to […]

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Cardiovascular Fitness Leads to Longevity

Catherine Kruppa, MS, RD, CSSD, favorite Nutritiionist comments for National Women's Health & Fitness Day, September 28

In preparation for the upcoming National Health and Fitness Day, on September 28, I asked my favorite and most trusted Nutritionist for advice. Here is what Catherine Kruppa had to say on a health issue facing all of us…… Your longevity depends on numerous factors, including gender, blood pressure, cholesterol, age, family history and lifestyle choices. A 2020 […]

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H&M’s Has a New Collection Focused on Us… With Some Help From Exercise Guru, Jane F...

New Collection is Called "Movewear" Not Activewear......So Let's Move It Ladies!!

Move over, activewear, there’s a new brand in town. H&M’s newest brand, H&M Move, launched on August 4th, 2022. The brand aims to “get the whole world and everybody moving, however they move.” H&M has partnered with award-winning actor/activist Jane Fonda and Superbowl Halftime Show Choreographer JaQuel Knight. Scroll all the way to the bottom […]

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Get Moving! Chic Activewear For The New Year

Workout clothes you'll want to do more than workout in.

What you wear to the gym or for your daily walk around the ‘hood, matters more than you think it does. We all love looking trendy, but the clothes you’re wearing when you get moving truly do affect your workout. When you invest in high-quality workout gear, you tend to exercise more frequently and lead […]

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Build Muscle Gain Energy…..Loose Fat This Spring

Build Muscle Lose Fat

As we start to get out and about this spring, many of us have health goals so we are ready for summer!  Building muscle, increasing energy levels and get leaner are three common goals.  Here are a few tips to help you get started. Build Muscle Adequate protein intake is key for muscle growth and […]

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Eating for a Healthy Ticker….

......How to feed your heart the right way during Heart Month and always

Eating for a Healthy Ticker

It’s February, Heart Month and the focus here at MRG is on all things “heart-y”! Today our special guest, Catherine Kruppa, Nutritionist and overall Health Coach to so many of us, at her Advice For Eating,(which just celebrated it’s 10th year in the business that Catherine began after many years at The Houstonian. She is […]

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It’s 2021…..This Year Choose a Healthy Lifestyle Not a Diet

Lifestyle not diet

Each January millions of American’s New Year’s Resolutions include a diet.  Unfortunately, most “diets” are restrictive, omit nutritious food groups and are hard to sustain.  In 2021 let us shift our paradigm.  Instead of a diet, aim to improve your lifestyle for long lasting benefits.  What does this look like?  Make 3-5 goals aimed at […]

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What’s New for the New Year in Our Current Favorite Type of Apparel

We've been living in a wardrobe of comfy athletic wear for almost a year now, and it's time to freshen it up!

January and a new year always brings about wanting to “get back in shape” or go back to the gym (or these days, working out from home) or going back to our healthy ways after an indulgent holiday season. This is usually the activewear departments’ Super Bowl! Well, it didn’t take a new year and […]

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Putting Out the Fire in 2020…..Nutritionally Speaking

Read this by our friend Catherine Kruppa of Advice for Eating.....all about inflamation that stress can cause and how to help combat it


2020 has been a year like no other.  Most of us have experienced some type of stress that we would describe as chronic.  We have all experienced loss whether it be loss of: jobs, important events, relationships, health, and loved ones.  Our chronic stress may be caused by uncertainly or unsettledness.  Whatever your chronic stressors […]

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Blue Light Glasses….Eyewear That Offers A Helpful Solution to Screen Time Fatigue

Is the Pandemic Causing Screen-Time betcha but here is a silver lining that has surged to our rescue

blue light glasses

There is no doubt that with working from home becoming more and more of the norm these days and our overall desire to stay close to our comfort zone not diminishing, the result from all of this new-found screen attachment is an increased need for blue-light blocking glasses to keep our very important eyes as […]

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