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Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for The Beauty Queen

We all know someone who can’t get enough beauty products – and hey, we’re right there with them! I love Christmas time because of all the unique gift sets that hit the shelves, and beauty is one category where those shine! In addition to some fun holiday gift sets, we’ve also rounded up some of […]

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Beauty Snacking? It is not what you think!

After waking up and getting our kids off to school, the rest of my day typically goes like this… 8:00 AM Wash my face and put on my skincare. 9:30 AM My first Zoom call but just realized that I never put on makeup.  A pop of lip color will work.  11:00 Time for my […]

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Having a Hair Moment

Hair care

From Chelsi: A million moons ago when I was pregnant, I prayed that my children would inherit my teeth (weird, but mine have always been healthy and straight) and my hair.  My hair is fine but thick, never gets frizzy, and for 40 years, I never once had to color it because the sun would […]

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Houston’s own Janet Gurwitch, Founder, and the Laura Mercier Brand Reunite In Exciting Busines...

Advent International, private equity investor purchases her former brand making Janet a consultant to the brand she found, built and knows so well!

janet and laura mercier

Editor’s Note: For many of us in our city that have followed Janet Gurwitch’s life, for me both professionally and personally, it has been a fabulous journey that spans decades…..from our earliest retail experiences to her advancement along that path until she made her splash onto the beauty scene with the launch of Laura Mercier […]

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Love the Skin You’re In

Summer's Special Care for all of your skin

beauty summer skin

How can it already be August?  This year and Summer have flown by, but luckily, we live in Houston where the warm months extend well past what the calendar tells us. With our warm, ok, ridiculously hot, weather, the fashion goes accordingly…short or no sleeves, rising hemlines and low necklines (check out some of Roz’s […]

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Natural/Clean/Sustainable Beauty – What Does it All Mean?

Clean Beauty

It seems like every time I turn around, or bat my lashes, there is a new trend or buzz word in beauty. It used to be a trend would come and stay awhile, giving everyone a chance to learn something new and try it for themselves to deem if it had staying power.  Now, especially […]

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Summer Lovin’…Your Skincare and Makeup

summer beauty

Hello, my name is Chelsi and I have stopped wearing a mask.  Even typing that made me cringe.  I’m a vaccinated adult women who has yet to be comfortable admitting that I am going mask free. Do not get me wrong – if someone asks me to put it on, I will.  If I am […]

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MLM Beauty – Is it any good?

MLM Beauty

by Chelsi Oestreich I don’t know about you but I am getting a lot of party invites these days. No, not like the days of old where I actually got dressed and went to a party (hopefully that is coming soon though!). I’m talking about online parties hosted by friends/neighbors/colleagues that have entered the world […]

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Helping Hands…literally.

The Pandemic after-math and its effect on your very precious fingertips!


I know I am not alone in saying that COVID is still affecting many areas of my life.  Knock on wood, I am vaccinated and healthy, but in random areas of my life, things are still not normal.  Maskne is still a thing for me.  I continue to wear my mask in public so my […]

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Microbiome Mania…the latest skincare trend

With each passing year, a new trend in beauty arises, either rooted in marketing or in science.  The latest trend happening in skincare right now comes from the latter and when you do some research, it is fascinating! What is this new trend?  Personal care and skincare products are now being formulated to work with […]

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